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Designed and beautifully handmade by our craftsmen in England

The brief for this project was simple: a zinc worktop for a kitchen island.

As with all our bespoke projects, the design journey with our clients commenced and we explored all manner of design elements to be considered: what profile edge would they prefer, what finish, and what other features would our team need to incorporate?

The worktop would feature an undermounted double sink and holes for the fitting of the taps. This type of project requires a process whereby the zinc sheet is wrapped around and underneath the opening of the sink to ensure a watertight finish.

Complete with swage joints and a pencil edge profile (straight, with a slightly softened edge), the zinc was prepared in an antique patinated finish and incorporated five draining grooves with a gentle gradient towards the sink.

The result was sleek and contemporary – the perfect addition to our client’s light-filled London kitchen.

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Zinc Kitchen Countertop with Integrated Copper Sink & Drainer

We can create worktops in many shapes and sizes and can incorporate an under-mount sink and draining grooves should you require them. Contact our design team to discuss your requirements.


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Zinc Island Worktop and Countertop

Choose from a range of finishes, from buffed and shiny edges to very dark antique patinas – our team of specialist finishers can work with you to get it just right! Did you know that we can even add small surface imperfections (such as dings and dents) to suggest wear and use and to also make any surface scratches or dents that are made through real use less noticeable!


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