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Designed and beautifully handmade by our craftsmen in England

Andrew Nebbett Designs was contacted by an existing client looking for a smaller version of our zinc or copper top tables.

Delighted to be working with this client again, we discussed in detail, the requirements of their end clients in Germany, and through the aid of our 3D visualisation service, we were able to produce quick and simple views from different perspectives, helping them understand the space and agree furniture proportions.
The clients had chosen a hand patinated antique brass finish and samples were sent out for them to approve.


Measuring 1.4m in length (our standard tables measure between 1.8m and 2.3m) and with cast iron bases, this bespoke dining table was hand wrapped in sheet brass, and shaped to create the bull-nose edges. These soft sweeping curves are achieved by cutting the copper precisely at the corners, then forming and soldering them together (a little bit like segments of an orange) to create beautifully wrapped curved edges and corners. Hand-swaged joints are incorporated to form the unique body of the table top. (We joint the top to reduce the visible effects of expansion of the metal caused by temperature changes within the room.) The patinated finish is bespoke, creating its own engaging and individual personality.

The final result was a very elegant bijoux dining table, and very happy clients!

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Made To Measure Brass Dining Table

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