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Library Ladders

Through our Bespoke custom design service, we produce handmade library ladders for a variety of uses, from private libraries through to hotel & bar design display systems, boutique retail storage and access solutions.  Architects, interior designers, business owners and private individuals commission pieces from us, choosing from designs such as rolling library ladders, hook on library ladders and variations in-between. We can produce ladder systems in various styles and materials, from the traditional right through to the modern and ultra contemporary. For a flavour of our work please take a look at the gallery below.

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Rolling Library Ladder

Our bespoke library ladders can be constructed in a variety of styles. We produce rolling library ladders, which move on small, or large wheels/castors.

Hook-On Library Ladder

Where it is necessary to move the library ladder from one rail to another, it can be secured by a hook-system. This style of hook-on library ladder is very versatile.

Antique Library Ladder

We produce library ladders in all styles, from classical to contemporary. We can design and make antique library ladder styles in a range of materials. 

Wooden Library Ladder

As with the diversity of styles, we also produce library ladders in different materials. Wooden library ladders are an elegant alternative to the metal versions.

Metal Library Ladder

We work with various metals, in particular with brass, which can be aged and patinated to provide a wide range of finishes, complementary to the chosen style. For more information about the metal finishes available for a metal library ladder, please click here.

Library Ladder Rails

Traditionally, library ladders run on rails. The rails can also be produced from the same range of materials as the ladders. For more information on the metal finishes we produce, please click here.