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Metal Finishes

We work with a range of metals and can apply a variety of finishes to three-dimensional and sheet surfaces. All of our patinated surfaces are created by hand, therefore no two will ever be identical as variations naturally occur through the patination processes. Please also be aware that you may experience variations in colour and visible texture with on-screen images depending on the device you are using to view our website. It is for these reasons that we cannot guarantee that finish samples or final commissioned works will be exactly as you have seen them, either on-screen or in real-life.

From left to right; polished brass, antique brass, antique bronze and polished nickel plate. (Keep scrolling down for further finishes available.)

Sheet Finishes


Below is a selection of some of the sheet metal finishes available. As with all our patinated surfaces, variations of these are possible. There are many applications* suited to these sheet metal finishes, such as kitchen splash backs, bathroom splash backs, decorative wall panels for example. Please contact us for more information.

  • Antiqued Copper
  • Antiqued Zinc
  • Verdigris Copper
    Example A
  • Watermark Copper
  • Light Hammered Copper
  • Hammered Copper
  • Hammered Polished Brass
  • Hammered Brushed Brass
  • Patinated Copper
  • Verdigris Copper B
    Example B
  • Light Antique Copper
  • Annealed Copper


*Please note that some of these finishes may be unsuitable for certain applications. To discuss your project and the suitability of a finish, please contact us.

Variations in colour, tone and texture may occur due to the device or screen you are using to view this website. Read more here.

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Unique Metal Finishes

Like an artist creates a canvas, our team of specialist metal patinators work the surfaces of the metals to create a unique finish. This hand application provides fascinating results, and each time there are subtle differences even when re-creating the same level of patination again, and again, rendering the surface unique. 

Unique Brass Finishes & Other Metal Patinas

Our team can apply surface finishes to a range of metals, such as brass, copper, zinc, steel for example. The finishes possible are vast and with many shades, or variations in-between.