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The Oculus Table at Exton Park Vineyard

A Halstock Project

The location of this project was at Exton Park Vineyard, where lovers of fine wine can experience the indulgence of 60 acres of Hampshire through their private tastings, member-only events and exquisite spaces. We were fortunate to be invited to collaborate with Halstock Cabinet Makers to create some very unique pieces.

Alongside the requirements of creating bespoke brass elements for a bar area in the hall, Halstock’s design brief was to create a spectacular oval table with an open portal centre, enabling those assembled around the boardroom table to view the cool brickwork and vaulted ceilings of the Tasting Room below,

Focusing on the bar, our craftsmen, working to Halstock’s brief, created a gently curved brass foot rail to follow the line of the bar, and, following along the same curve, an overhead gantry that housed the bar’s industrial-style suspended bulkhead lighting. They also created bespoke fixings for both pieces – all in a hand-patinated antique brass finish.

For the showstopper – the ‘Oculus table’ located in the boardroom – we made the highly detailed metalwork; individual intertwining components resembling shallow half-moon crescents that appeared to have been organically placed around the edge of the oval table frame. In fact, the intricate shapes were created from sheet brass that was cut using a waterjet. The pieces of cut brass sheet were then meticulously attached to the framework, constructed from six individual, curved brass pieces. This structure then underwent a hugely transformative process to give the illusion of each crescent moon shape having been individually cut and woven into the lattice-like framework. Our skilled team used hand patination processes, as well as airbrushing and scribing to create the overall effect, diligently concealing the blind-tapped bolt facings and fixings.

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The twelve square-edge uprights were constructed from steel that was then hand wrapped in brass and prepared in the same antique brass finish as the frame. Located at equal points around the frame, the uprights were attached to the steel support plates and welded into the floor structure. These patinated brass columns and decorative panels were then combined with fumed oak frames and chestnut leather surface panels to create a wonderful, textured palette for this room. And as with all the elements that made up this room transformation, the elliptical glazed portal into the room below required very careful coordination.

Constructed and installed in situ by a third party installation company, the overall result was a truly unique, sculptural piece of furniture like no other, taking up a commanding place in the centre of the boardroom.

The photos below help to set the scene of the boardroom’s interior, demonstrating just how stunning and beautifully eye-catching the table truly is.

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