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Designed and beautifully handmade by our craftsmen in England

We were hugely excited to catch a glimpse of one of our projects in the recent BBC documentary series, My Life as a Rolling Stone. There (right of the opening shot) in the background of Huntsman, one of Charlie Watts’ favourite Savile Row tailors, stood our AND rolling library ladder.

We had been approached by the creative production company, Blonstein, to design a bespoke rolling library ladder and rail for the renowned Mayfair tailors. To be constructed from brass and steel, the client had requested the footprint of the ladder project no more than 455mm from the front face of the plinth on the cabinets. We therefore suggested a cranked ladder design that would provide further height without making the distance between the rail and the floor too great (thus preventing unnecessary flex in the ladder and also avoiding too great-a-footprint into the room).

The classic ladder design was an elegant addition to this well-established outfitter. The steel stringers and ladder rail were hand patinated in a gun-barrel (blackened) finish, with the brass components (the rungs, feet, end caps, carriages and rail fixings) in a wonderfully contrasting antique finish.

And at another address north of the capital, resides another AND library ladder, this time at Ronnie Wood’s Hertfordshire art studio.

Featured in an article in The Guardian a few years ago, Ronnie’s once derelict 19th-century worker’s cottage – now his art studio – is filled to the brim with books, artwork and objet d’art, and houses an AND cranked library ladder. Commissioned in the style of the Huntsman ladder – gun-barrel steel and brass – it was installed to access Ronnie’s tall bookcase that stands adjacent to where the creativity takes place.

We always feel a great sense of pride when we see our work in situ, being used as intended, by our end clients.

Rolling Library Ladders

Our bespoke library ladders can be constructed in a variety of styles. We produce rolling library ladders, which move on small, or large wheels/castors.

Hook-On Library Ladders

Where it is necessary to move the library ladder from one rail to another, it can be secured by a hook-system. This style of hook-on library ladder is very versatile. Contact our team or take a look at our bespoke library ladder projects.

Metal Library Ladders

We work with various metals, in particular with brass, which can be aged and patinated to provide a wide range of finishes, complementary to the chosen style. For more information about the metal finishes available for a metal library ladder, please click here.

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