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Rob Locke 10:49 am

3D Services

We can all appreciate the well-known phrase “…a picture tells a thousand words…” and that is exactly what our 3D Visualisation Service is there to do!

3D Design

Bridges the gap between a written design brief or product description and the real thing. How we all interpret certain words and phrases can be very personal and very different to the next person, but seeing an image which incorporates all the written elements means there is nothing that can become ‘lost in translation’!

We offer this service to clients working towards pieces produced through our workshop. We also extend this service to clients who are perhaps only at the ‘exploratory stage’ of a project. In either case, this is a chargeable service, for which quotes can be provided. For further information, please get in touch.

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Custom Design Service

Through our 3D visualisation service we can produce realistic designs, tailoring every detail. With our software we can view the designs from different perspectives, importing the design into a visual space helping our client fully appreciate the piece within its intended environment.

Virtual Furniture Design

Through our bespoke virtual design service, we can produce a unique product modifying the size, shape, profile and finish to meet your every requirement!