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Designed and beautifully handmade by our craftsmen in England

We were contacted by a new client looking for a bespoke copper worktop island for her new kitchen.

As our discussions developed, so did the remodelling of this heart of the home room – and once she had settled on a finish for her worktop, our team set to work, liaising with her builders in live time to check and re-check measurements in preparation for the worktop to be delivered and installed.

Finished in an aged copper with swage-joints and a pencil edge profile, the worktop is perfectly at home in its new surroundings, complementing the navy and cream woodwork and highlighting the copper handles of the kitchen cabinetry.

This was a delightful project to work on. Our client said: “The kitchen is now finished, and the worktop is looking great – thank you!”

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Bespoke Kitchen Worktops

Whether you are seeking an island worktop, bar worktop or full kitchen worktops, our team can guide you through the options. Choose from a range of finishes and styles to suit your kitchen.

Worktop Edge Profile

We offer a couple of different edge profiles to our worktops and tables. When we talk about a bullnose edge profile, it makes a countertop recognisable by its distinctive rounded edges. The best benefit of having this edge profile is that it removes sharp corners and edges. Our straight edge is much closer to being a pencil edge; it consists of a broadly straight finish with some minimal rounding at the top. In terms of style, it combines the clean planes of a straight-lined worktop without any of the harsher sharpness, giving it a slightly softer feel and appearance and making it suitable for a wide range of interior kitchen styles.

Copper Kitchen Worktops

Copper has long been known for its antimicrobial properties. With its lustrous warm hues, it is a beautiful alternative to other types of work surface. Chat with our design team to find out more about creating your own bespoke copper worktop.

Luxury Kitchen Countertops

Our kitchen countertops fit all types of houses and surroundings. They look equally at home in a rustic family kitchen, as they do in more contemporary, urban interiors. Contact our team to explore your options.

Kitchen Island Countertops

Kitchen islands are a popular design choice, creating spacious seating options, extra kitchen storage, and countertop space. Our craftsmen can diligently clad timber substrate with your choice of metal (zinc, copper or brass) to provide you with a lustrous metallic centrepiece – a fabulous focal point in any kitchen.


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