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Laura Locke 2:00 pm

Caring For Your Brass & Steel Rails, Ladders & Hooks

The patination on these rails and fittings is chemically created and then sealed in with wax.

With care the surface will provide a lifetime of protection but the following points should be followed.

The rails should be cleaned and polished with a clean dry cloth. Do not use any water or soapy products near them, as this could cause the metals to tarnish or rust.

1) Please clean the rails with a dry, clean cloth as required, and certainly clean off any liquid as soon as possible because this may leave marks.

2) Please do not use abrasive cloths or scourers on the surface.

3) As a general rule, please do not use strong cleaners like Brasso, Cillit Bang, or similar products containing ammonia or hydrochloric acid.

However, if you have chosen a polished brass finish and prefer to keep the brass fittings and brass rails highly polished, then please use a very, very small amount of Brasso on a clean dry cloth to achieve the shine that you like. You should only use Brasso on the brass parts and NOT the steel parts.

4) General upkeep using spray polish that contains some beeswax is advisable and will add further protection over time.

The lovely patina of your rails and fittings will continue to develop over time and may take up to 2 years of use, to develop their full and final look. As the rails and fittings adapt to their environment and uses, their colour will change with that wear, tear and use. This is referred to as an organic, living surface as it evolves over time.

No two sets of rails, ladders and fittings will ever look the same after this process of time, some may darken and others may lighten. Any initial marks will blend in with new ones until the surface has completely worn in.

These rails, ladders and fittings are produced in a traditional way, similar to the methods used on antique and old rails from the past.

So just remember that your rails, ladder and fittings require cleaning by using a clean dry cloth and occasionally some wax polish spray. Wet cloths and soapy water MUST NOT be used as the surfaces could rust.

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