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Designed and beautifully handmade by our craftsmen in England

Created for a private residence in London, this beautifully hand crafted, hand patinated copper worktop was totally made to measure.

Period homes seldom have perfectly straight walls in any room, so it was vital that we had accurate dimensions and angles to work with. Where a site visit is either not possible or required, we predominantly produce our worktops from a template, which is sent to us from which the final top is made.

Site photographs were taken that enabled our team to visualise the worktop in situ, and to consider any additional aspects not previously discussed.

To ensure the worktop was an exact fit to both the aesthetic requirements but also the physical constraints, we formulated the design with individual worktop segments, with extra hand swage joints in the areas close to the large kitchen window.

Our client’s preferred style of work surface was antique patinated copper. Our experienced team achieved this by hand creating a finish representative of a naturally worn organic surface, giving the surface its own engaging and individual personality, and with a hint of verdigris.

The client was over the moon with the result – the square-edge profile adding a slight industrial quality to the room, with the lustrous antique copper finish being the star of the show.

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Bespoke Metal Finishing 

This unique copper kitchen worktop looks truly at home. Whilst the surface patina will continue to develop throughout its life, there are a few ‘good habits’ worth getting into. For this reason we always supply our metal table tops and worktops with care instructions that help you to promote the changes to the surface you will love, and minimise those you don’t want!  

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Our kitchen countertops fit all types of houses and surroundings. They look equally at home in a Mediterranean rustic family kitchen, glistening in the dappled sun, surrounded by country tones, olive groves and terracotta tiles, as they do in more contemporary, urban interiors.

Copper Worktops

Copper has long been known for its antimicrobial properties. With its lustrous warm hues, it is a beautiful alternative to other types of work surface. Chat with our design team to find out more about creating your own bespoke copper worktop.

Bespoke Metal Kitchen Worktop

Worktops don’t have to be made from wood … they work just as well in metal. If you’re struggling to find the right metal finish to work with your individual kitchen design, why not work with our experienced patination team. Through the expertise of applying various chemical recipes,  our team can ‘force’ the different material surfaces to change much quicker, than if they were left for the process to happen naturally. With a wealth of knowledge, they can offer help and advice about the options available. Please call for more information. 

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