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Designed and beautifully handmade by our craftsmen in England

Private client, South Africa

We were contacted by a new client who was looking for a bespoke gift for her father. With a wonderful collection of handmade knives that he had made himself ready for display, the brief was to create two magnetic knife racks in a brass finish to match the existing interior scheme.

Armed with a set of visuals of the home and the area the knife racks were to be located, we discussed various options with our workshop team, who would need to consider the extremely heavy weight of the handmade knives to be suspended from the racks.

Using a wood substrate, our skilled team of craftsmen clad this in brass sheet that was then carefully hand patinated to a delicate brushed finish. The warm lustrous hues were simply stunning, giving a sense of pure luxury to these beautiful items.

To ensure the racks would have the magnetic strength required to hold the collection of knives, a series of tests were performed … too weak and the racks wouldn’t fulfil their required purpose … too strong and our clients would struggle to remove the knives from the racks! Our dedicated and experienced team found a happy medium, using an incredibly strong magnetic strip housed between the substrate and the brass cladding.

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The wall fixings were a little stroke of genius. The non-visible fixings were engineered to function like poppers or snap fasteners that are used on garments, where the circular lip under one disc fits into a groove on the top of the other, holding them fast until a certain amount of force is applied. These interlocking discs were carefully hidden in the back of the racks to form a strong fastening, giving the appearance of an untouched shape. Once fitted, the result was solid, safe and seamless.

Our client and her father were absolutely thrilled when they received the racks, and her father’s collection of bespoke knives have their rightful place, on display, on these beautifully bespoke knife racks!

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