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Designed and beautifully handmade by our craftsmen in England

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Our Bespoke Service

At Andrew Nebbett Designs we share a passion for perfection and a love of beautifully made pieces. Always ensuring we are true to our roots, through outstanding quality and care, we bring client’s dreams to life!

A Collaborative Journey

Each project takes its own individual journey. Our experienced and dedicated design team work closely with our clients to ensure we fully understand the brief. We can guide and advise through the ‘sea’ of options, ensuring each client’s needs and expectations are met. Bringing dreams to life, complementing a chosen style or interior and providing pieces which last a lifetime!

Our bespoke service allows our clients to work with us to achieve their desired look and feel. Our team individually blend specific characteristics, enabling our clients to write their own story creating a beautiful piece with a tailored finish.

Explore Further

At Andrew Nebbett Designs we offer advanced services to help further your design exploration and to feed your vision….


3D Design & Visualisation

Through the aid of our 3D software we can produce detailed 3D designs and visuals from all perspectives. Giving us the ability to make changes swiftly and resolve any design conflicts. Our visualisations are an excellent communication tool, making your dream a step closer to reality. As the saying goes ‘a picture tells a thousand words!’ To find out more, click here.

Bespoke Finishes and Patination Service

We are highly skilled in the production of patinated surfaces, which in some cases would suggest the piece has been used and loved for years! Through this expertise, our team can ‘force’ various material surfaces to change much quicker, than if they were left for the process to happen naturally. We can apply various patinas to new pieces made in our workshop, and in some cases, we can apply patinas and desired surface finishes to existing pieces which our client’s already own. Samples can be created on request. To find our more, click here.

Site Surveys and Seamless Installations

For those intricate projects, our dedicated team can come to the project’s location and carry out an accurate site survey. This will allow us to take fundamental measurements, give us an insight into the building’s structural features and assess delivery routes. This personal service allows us to produce accurate drawings, speeding up the design process, which enables forward planning for smooth delivery and installation!

Please note these additional services are chargeable, for which quotes can be provided. For further information, please get in touch.


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Personal Design Service

Our design service is a journey of share passion. Clients, designers and craftsmen worked closely together from concept to creation, aiming to achieve design perfection through a beautiful hand-made piece.


Innovative Design

Work with our experienced design team to create your unique piece. Taking your inspiration and key characteristics, tailoring the finishes to make your own stunning design come to life!