Bespoke Kitchen Island Copper Worktop - Andrew Nebbett Designs

Designed and beautifully handmade by our craftsmen in England

One of our long-standing kitchen partners ‘Treyone’, who we have had the pleasure of working with on a collection of projects over the years, approached us with a unique project. With a shared passion for beautiful hand-made pieces, using traditional methods, bringing clients’ dreams and spaces to life.

At Andrew Nebbett Designs, we love the opportunity of creativity and freedom. Treyone knew that we would jump at the challenge of making a unique copper worktop, for a kitchen island with seating, for their client.

Due to the intricate design, A.N.D Designers and Craftsmen worked closely, reviewing the joint orientations and layout. To ensure the individual worktop segments would fit within a typical flat copper sheet and the overall design could be achieved. 

The bespoke worktop is formed of eight angular sections, with the swage joints running horizontally, vertically and at unique angles. The worktop design subconsciously pulls you towards the center of the island and your guests. The elegant joint lines feel like they have been personally hand-stitched, almost imitating leather sewn together.

The deep worktop profile and bull nosed worktop edging give substance and boldness to this central kitchen island. The copper sheet is precisely cut at the corners, molded together like segments of an orange to form a beautifully wrapped curve. The combination of sharp angles and soft sweeping curves give this piece unique style which is stunning!

‘Aged and well-loved’ were the words which were fixed in our mind, when preparing the bespoke copper patina. Our experienced team achieved this, by hand creating a naturally worn organic surface, giving the surface its own engaging and individual personality.

This unique copper kitchen worktop looks truly at home within its beautifully interior-designed kitchen. The carefully selected palette of midnight blue shaker-style kitchen, aged brass cup handles and dark grey flagstone floor is a perfect backdrop. Making this stunning kitchen island worktop really come to life!

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