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Table bases with a difference …

With a shared passion for handmade furniture and cabinetry, one of our long-standing clients contacted us to explore a rather specific vision: their clients were looking for two bespoke table bases that, from their initial researched and curated images, appeared to resemble basket-style table bases, decorated with a series of elliptical-shaped metal discs.

Using their initial ‘mood board’ images as inspiration (illustrating the sculptural yet delicate looking qualities as specified in the brief) we discussed the project at length, firstly with our clients to explore the exact look and feel they wished us to create, and then with our crafts team, who probed for further detail before devising a plan for the table bases’ construction.

Using a combination of forged and mild steel, we engineered the basket type structures that connected the circular steel bases and tops with a series of vertical poles.

To achieve the textured discs that our clients were looking for, we created a number of handmade flat elliptical plates from brass and aluminium in varying sizes and finishes. These included hammered and brushed finishes in shades of bronze and aged brass.

Collaborative Journey

Taking the lead in the exact placement of the discs, our clients wanted them to be staggered around the uprights to provide an organic rhythm and balance across the different tones, textures and sizes when viewed from all angles.

On their own, the bases do resemble the type of ‘basket’ side table used for storage and display, and are truly, beautiful pieces of handcrafted metalwork. Once in place, doing the job they were intended to do, the overall result is stunning; while the industrial looking structure of the bases provides a strong architectural aesthetic with one of our zinc bull-nose edge tabletops, the decorative discs inject a level of delicate interest through their various colours and surface finishes.

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Architectural Metalwork

The techniques our team employ are varied, from traditional handmade craftsmanship through to the latest digital machining methods and a combination thereof. We provide the techniques needed to create the item requested and are equally happy to create an antique/period looking piece as one with a sleek, contemporary design. For further information please get in touch to chat about your project.

Handmade Table Bases

Having produced a wide variety of tables for both residential and commercial premises, we will listen to your needs and preferences, working together all the way. Whether you need a whole table, a table top or just the bases, we can help you to create just the look you’re after.

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Whether you need an enormous banqueting table, fit for a king, or a more modest farmhouse table, we can oblige. Having produced a wide variety of dining tables and kitchen tables, we will listen to your needs and preferences, helping you to explore a myriad of options through our Bespoke Design Service.

British Craftsmanship

Are you a business that values quality British craftsmanship, expert design and excellent levels of customer care? If so, we’d love to hear from you. We are always keen to hear from companies whose values are aligned to our own and with whom we can collaborate on a range of custom projects.

Metal Finishes

We work with a range of metals and can apply a variety of finishes to three-dimensional and sheet surfaces. All of our patinated surfaces are created by hand, therefore no two will ever be identical as variations naturally occur through the patination processes.

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