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Designed and beautifully handmade by our craftsmen in England

Sometimes “out with the old and in with the new” is quite simply not the right way to go! Andrew Nebbett Designs grew from a hearty love and appreciation of antique pieces of furniture and works of art and the preservation of history and heritage is something we are rather passionate about. The life of an item of furniture in many ways, like that of a person, can often be imagined through visible characteristics and they tend to tell a story (rightly or otherwise), evoking emotions and imagination. The appeal of original craftsmanship and the way materials and pieces evolve is intriguing and addictive!

As a team, we embrace projects which give us the opportunity to either restore historical pieces to their former glory or inject new life into an item from a long-gone era – both give us great pleasure.

Unsurprisingly therefore, we were delighted when a long standing client approached us with one such piece which needed a helping hand to shine once again for its owner! We were asked to revitalise an antique wash stand (circa 100 years old) which had seen better days. The timber base on which the wash bowl was placed had become damaged and lacked a certain “je ne sais quoi…” that the rest of the unit exuded. The goal was to hide the lacklustre base, which was structurally sound, with something which wouldn’t look out of place and would blend harmoniously with the unit, appearing as if it had been there for decades. Most importantly, the addition would bring a fresh vibrancy to the unit. 

A zinc cladding, patinated to give a certain level of ageing (which would continue to evolve through use) and also to bring character that worked with the personality of the wooden stand was chosen. The finished wash stand is every bit as characterful as we had imagined and most importantly – the client was very happy!

If you have a special piece of furniture that you simply love and cannot bear to get rid of, but are perhaps unsure about the best way to adapt, restore or repair it – contact our team to talk through ideas and possibilities… we’re here to help.

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