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The products listed below are made with steel. Through our Bespoke Service, we can adapt or adjust these pieces to work for you. If this is of interest, or you have any other questions, please contact us.

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Custom Made Steel Furniture

Steel is a hugely versatile metal! It can be manipulated, machined, shaped, textured and surface finished in a range of ways. Andrew Nebbett Designs incorporates steel in projects for a variety of reasons; for strength, cost, overall finish, client’s preferences etc. If you are dreaming of a piece of furniture made from steel or a combination of steel and other materials, contact us to chat it through.

Custom Finished Steel Furniture

Steel can be prepared with a range of surface finishes, from rustic and aged to sleek, sharp and shiny! Our team of expert finishers can help you to explore the options, providing you with the exact finish (and personality) you want and need. Talk with our team about the finishes and designs you are aiming for to find out how we can help.