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Laura Locke 2:13 pm

Watermark Copper Projects

The projects below are a selection of commissions we have produced which show a Watermark Copper finish. If you have any questions or would like to talk through an idea or project, please contact us.

Custom Made & Custom Patinated Copper Panels For Bar Front

A visual feast was on the menu for everyone when the Andrew Nebbett Designs' team were asked to 'come to the rescue' of a restaurant development project in Central London. The restaurant's stricken bar was painfully bare as the primary contractor had been let down by...

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Contemporary Copper Dining Table

Identical in style to our standard size Contemporary Copper Dining Table, we were asked to produce a version of this table which was slightly shorter in length. The client chose this table for the colours of the surface patination, as it honed…

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Patinated Copper Decorative Wall Panels

The team at Andrew Nebbett Designs have developed quite a reputation for achieving beautifully patinated metal surfaces. One such finish is our signature ‘Watermark Copper’, which brings an eruption of understated colour to sheet copper surfaces. We…

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