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Bespoke Room Dividers

The articles below are a selection of projects for which room partitions or room dividers were commissioned. If you have any questions or would like to talk through a residential or commercial partitioning idea project, please contact us.

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Made To Measure Room Divider Doors

We make entirely ‘to measure’, as no two projects are ever the same! This means you tell us exactly what you want/need.

Freestanding Room Divider

Whether your room has existing elements which define the location and installation of the partitions, or perhaps you have a ‘blank canvas’ giving you the freedom to place free-standing dividers where you need – we cater for all ! Simply call our team to discuss.

Vintage Room Divider

From classical, traditional panel styles to ultra modern – our team are expert craftsmen, who can turn your ideas into reality.

Room Divider Screen

Sometimes partitioning a room is best achieved by a series of screens – half-height, full-height … you choose!

Partition Room Divider

Designed to work with your layout, colour scheme and preferences, choose how obscure the panels should be, by incorporating special glass, or through other materials designed with the end goal in mind.

Metal Room Divider panels

Whether your need is for a commercial or private installation, we work with a range of materials, with metals such as brass, steel, zinc and copper being one of our signature styles.