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Bespoke Architectural Metalwork

Andrew Nebbett Designs has been associated with exceptional quality and craftsmanship for many years, having developed a wide range of skills from the restoration of antiques and works of art from the early 1990s! These far reaching skills have been called upon over more recent years in response to a mounting demand for bespoke architectural metalwork pieces and solutions for the interiors market.

Architectural Metalwork

Andrew Nebbett Designs work directly with private individuals and end-clients in addition to professional designers and interior designers, architects, contractors, joiners, commercial fit-out companies and many in between. As a team, we offer a wealth of knowledge in respect of construction and material choices which can be more or less complicated than an initial design can suggest! We work with our clients to overcome the design/material/construction obstacles to achieve the desired design goal and to a desired price!

Custom Made Architectural Metalwork


Custom Architectural Profiles & Inlays

From machine milled solid metal (brass, steel etc) architectural profiles for interior decoration to flooring inlays, which can be hand-finished by our in-house team of expert patination specialists, creating the exact finish to match the interior scheme. Every intricate detail is taken into account, from the jointing to the installation method which we can prepare for, providing our clients with a ready-to-fit solution.

Decoration & Refurbishment of Architectural Structures

We understand that sometimes replacement  is not an option and adaptation is the only way to breathe new life into a structure. Andrew Nebbett Designs possess the skills and expertise to help you to create the solutions you need and want, whether it is to re-vamp the interior of your personal home lift to bring a little luxury, or to tone better with your new refurbishments. Perhaps you are seeking a striking installation of metal wall panels to your stairwell, which bring delicate colours to tone with your interior scheme? We are happy and able to help!

Bespoke Architectural-Style Furniture

Architectural styles can be wildly different from one period to the next, from one architect to the next, from country to country and with many more variables thrown into the mix. It is almost impossible to tick every box when it comes to sourcing furniture pieces which accord with the exact architecture of a building or room with in. The design team at Andrew Nebbett Designs often collaborate with designers, architects, private clients and others to create items of furniture which match an architectural style and the shapes and decorations found therein, and to create them to bespoke sizes for the project.

Metal Window and Door Frames (Crittall-Style) & Screens / Panels

Low-profile steel and glass window screens, panels, cupboards have gained in popularity as design has continued to be influenced by not only the eternal search for increased natural light to interiors, but also through the rise in appeal for industrial-style touches. Working with professional glass and glazing specialists, Andrew Nebbett Designs can create bespoke metal window / door frames (Crittall-style solutions) for internal-use private and commercial installations.

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Handmade Architectural Metalwork

Andrew Nebbett Designs offers a wide range of methods to create the solutions required, from techniques which employ hand-creation processes to hand-finishing methods. 


Architectural Metalwork Installations London

Working throughout the UK and supplying clients overseas, Andrew Nebbett Designs can help solve the problems, no matter where your project site is located.