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Designed and beautifully handmade by our craftsmen in England

Adding a mirror to any room can immediately alter the feel and mood of the space, so it’s little wonder that interior designers cleverly incorporate them into design schemes, maximising their reflective qualities to bounce light from different angles for a sense of spaciousness. They can make smaller rooms appear larger, and when paired with darker colours and heavy fabrics, they add a dramatic and opulent ambience.

At Andrew Nebbett Designs, we continue to see an increase in commissions for bespoke mirrors in all shapes, sizes, materials and finishes, and in a variety of styles. This unusual mirror, made from 30 individual panes, was created for a firm of high-end cabinet-makers here in the UK.

With a brief to design and produce a contemporary mirror with an aged patina and brass frame, our team expertly hand patinated each of the 30 individual panes of mirror glass (that made up the whole) with an antique finish to give the impression that the mirror had aged and worn naturally. To fulfil our client’s request, the patina on the edges of each pane were polished, and slightly lighter and less distressed. Such is this hand applied process, that the patination on each mirror is completely organic, closely replicating an antique piece that no machine can recreate.

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Measuring almost 1.2m square, we set and housed the mirrors within a crisp mitred brass frame to create a contemporary look. The solid brass surface was prepared in a delicate looking brushed finish – an eye-catching contrast between the warmth of the brass frame and the cooler tones of the patinated mirror glass panes.

To commission your own piece of history, please contact our design team to explore your options. We also offer distressed, unframed antique mirror glass via our ‘click and buy’ products in our online shop.

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