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Making a bold statement in your kitchen often centres around a kitchen island or a central cooker hood. However, there’s another option … what about a bold injection of glamour with a set of metallic kitchen cupboards? This look seems to be very much on-trend, reinforcing our love of shiny objects. And keen to adopt this approach, our client contacted us to commission a set of sleek polished brass panels, following this up with a set of matching cupboard doors.

This project has been in the making for some time, and as with other projects that commenced prior to the start of the Covid pandemic in 2020, it has seen periods of busy activity and quiet fallow in equal measure.

We were delighted to hear from our client again after he’d already taken delivery of the brass panels. This time, to complete his kitchen project, he wanted some existing timber substrate doors to be wrapped in polished brass to match the original panels.

Quality Craftsmanship

Armed with his initial sketches and dimensions, and having received the timber substrate, our team set about meticulously wrapping each door in high quality 1.2mm brass sheet, mitred and folded over to leave a crisp, clean, neat edge. With such work, our diligent craftsmen apply the utmost care and precision to create a finish that is just as neat on the inside, as on the outside. A series of shadow gaps were planned at the installation phase, that would add extra interest and dimension to the sharp angles and reflective surfaces.

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This set of fully-bespoke polished brass cupboard doors is incredibly impactful. Brass offers a warm, lustrous aesthetic to any area of the home, and over time its surface patina will vary according to how you interact with it. With our client’s choice of a light-reflecting, mirror-like finish, the opulent, unique appeal of these doors, lift and ignite, transforming an otherwise functional room to something far grander – a room that is now elevated from mere catering space to the decadent centre of the home for socialising and entertaining.

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Brass Kitchen Cupboards

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