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Designed and beautifully handmade by our craftsmen in England

We regularly receive enquiries about designing bespoke library ladders in all shapes, sizes, materials and mechanisms.

This particular project is a great example of the kind of collaboration clients can expect to receive from Andrew Nebbett Designs, in order to achieve exactly the right solution for their space.

The brief was to design and create a bespoke hook-on library ladder that would be installed against our client’s existing bookcase.

Where possible, we like to undertake a site visit to fully assess the space and to gauge the type of material our ladder rails would be fitted to. Site visits such as this are so worthwhile – where reasonably possible – and it was during this visit that we were able to take note of some of the finer details in the room and assess where the ladder rail would be installed.


Collaborative Design Process

As with all our projects, communication is key and we enjoy the collaborative process that ensues, listening to our client’s requirements and discussing and exploring the options available. There were a couple of key points with this project: the ladder had to be just the right height and angle to enable the user to reach to the upper shelves, but it was also necessary to ensure the angle of the ladder didn’t intrude too much into our client’s living room space. We therefore designed a ladder outside of our usual 4-in1 rule, with a slightly steeper incline. The second point was to work with our client’s existing hardware (door handles etc.) to create a harmonious match to the hand-patinated aged brass finish of the ladder and rails. Our client’s desire was to achieve the type of aesthetic where the ladder looked as though it had been there for years (and not a modern addition!).


Craftsmanship and Expertise

Using their expertise, our team were able to apply a hand-patinated finish to the ladder and rail components, producing a match for the golden hues of our client’s door and cupboard door hardware. The brass rungs of the ladder, along with the feet, hooks and rail fixings work beautifully with the gun-barrel (blackened) steel ladder stringers and rail. This combination of a warm golden brass and blackened steel work in harmony with the black frames of our client’s doors out to their garden.

We’re always delighted to see our products in situ, and we think the overall look of this project is stunning – our client’s living room is an elegant blend of period and contemporary and the ladder and rail inject the timeless quality our clients were looking for.

The images speak for themselves … 

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