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Laura Locke 4:30 pm

Bespoke Decorative Panels

The projects below are a selection of commissions for which we have produced various patinated metal panels. If you have any questions or would like to talk through an idea or project, please contact us.

Verdigris Copper Clad Doors

A renowned firm of interior designers, with whom we have worked on a number of projects, contacted us to assist with the metal cladding of a series of internal doors. The project was a vast redevelopment venture in Central London, for which various sets of washroom...

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Custom Made & Custom Patinated Copper Panels For Bar Front

A visual feast was on the menu for everyone when the Andrew Nebbett Designs' team were asked to 'come to the rescue' of a restaurant development project in Central London. The restaurant's stricken bar was painfully bare as the primary contractor had been let down by...

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Commercial Interior Wall Panelling

Nestled in one of Switzerland’s most iconic ski resorts is a newly refurbished chalet-hotel and private member’s club, which in our opinion has one of the finest interiors around! Not at all biassed (…did we say that…!), we are proud…

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Copper Kitchen Wall Panels & Splashbacks

This project was very defined from the outset as the client’s choice of crisp, elegant, minimalist kitchen units was to be off-set by a series of beautifully organic, hand crafted accents. One such accentuating element was a number of copper-clad…

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Patinated Copper Decorative Wall Panels

The team at Andrew Nebbett Designs have developed quite a reputation for achieving beautifully patinated metal surfaces. One such finish is our signature ‘Watermark Copper’, which brings an eruption of understated colour to sheet copper surfaces. We…

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Decorative Wall Panels

We fabricate panels for a range of uses, from walls to doors, structural column cladding and much in between.

Kitchen Wall Panels

Metal panels are now a popular alternative to tiles for splash-back areas behind hobs and cookers, sinks and general zones where tiles would traditionally be applied. We offer a range of finishes for such applications.

Glass Wall Panels

Our team are specialists in surface patination techniques on a variety of materials including some glass! Talk to us about the glass panels you have in mind…

Textured Metal Wall Panels

Through a range of production techniques we produce a variety of wall cladding panels in a range of textures and finishes. From smooth and flat panels to textured panels full of personality. Talk to us about the area and use these panels are destined for and we can advise the best surfaces for you to consider.

Wall Panels London

Proud to be British and with a great location in the nation’s capital – we work all over the UK and send commissions all over the world! If you are located ‘off the beaten track’ please just contact us to clarify any shipping issues before you buy.