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Valet Hooks

These compact and often retractable hooks are an understated, yet hugely practical addition to any dressing room, bedroom and hallway (to name but a few of the useful locations suited to such convenience)!  We offer a standard design (see below) but are also able to create a custom-made solution for your specific requirements, as an example, please read about our Bespoke Made Valet Hooks. To discuss your requirements, project or ideas, please get in touch.

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Custom-Made Valet Hook

Our Bespoke Service enables you, our clients to achieve the solution of your dreams! To tell us about your ideas and dreams, please get in touch.

Valet Hook Wall Mounted

The valet hook designs we create are largely suited to wall-mouting, however we are also able to produce solutions which fix to the top of a door, to a ceiling etc.

Retractable Valet Hooks

The valet hooks we produce are generally retractable, however some clients choose to have permanently extended solutions, to discuss your preferences and design ideas, please contact us.