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Laura Locke 1:50 pm

Antique Brass Projects

The projects below are a selection of commissions we have produced which show an Antique Brass finish. If you have any questions or would like to talk through an idea or project, please contact us.

Commercial Interior Wall Panelling

Nestled in one of Switzerland’s most iconic ski resorts is a newly refurbished chalet-hotel and private member’s club, which in our opinion has one of the finest interiors around! Not at all biassed (…did we say that…!), we are proud…

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Tall Bespoke Library Ladder

This project came to us through a respected British Interior Designer, with whom we have worked on a number of projects in the past. This particular project was based in Boston, MA. The property was a particularly fine penthouse unit in…

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Gun Racks for Private Shooting Lodge

Having worked with the interior designer appointed to the estate on a number of projects in the past, it was a pleasure to work on such a request. The gun racks and coat racks were required to match the style, colour and finish of the…

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Tailored For You

Empires Union “Made to Measure for the Modern Man” contacted us as they were in need of a portable clothing rail solution which would not only display their bespoke tailoring with the same elegance as with which they have been…

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Dressing Room Ladder Solutions

A well-known international fashion model commissioned us to produce library ladder solutions for two dressing rooms within her London home. The property, built in the Georgian period, sported a wonderful array of typical period…

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From Engineering Table to Fashion House Display

Period equipment, for some is the thing of nightmares, but for many it is the object of marvel and admiration as the design and engineering work displayed are some of the finest of their day. One such fine example of period engineering is this…

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