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Private Residence, Chelsea

We love working on bespoke projects, helping our clients to find just the right design concept for their homes. The question we’re usually asked is: “Can you make this?” The answer is often a resounding yes; our team will always endeavour to devise a workable solution to most design challenges!

With an emphasis on creating something delicate-looking, our clients had a very specific idea in mind for this project – a brass bookcase balustrade and panelling for their split-level basement.

The design and construction of such a piece of architectural metalwork required a great deal of thought to ensure the brief was fulfilled, but also that the project would be structurally achievable. Consideration was given to the materials, not just the type, but the thickness and how this would translate once production began.

Working closely with our clients and listening to their suggestions and ideas, our team were able to use our knowledge and expertise in materials and construction to formulate a solution. Where the use of solid brass was put forward, we knew this would be too heavy for the overall concept, and eventually worked through the designs to come up with an alternative solution.

Instead of one flat piece of brass panelling, our team handmade a set of plywood panels, wrapped in brass sheet, trimmed at each corner. At the lower part of the split-level room, the panels were fixed to the wall using the specially engineered push and click fixings we often deploy for similar projects.

The thickness of the panels created a further challenge – the 400-plus biscuit joints required bespoke ‘biscuits’ that we handmade in our Devon workshop.

The newly renovated room boasted a light tunnel that injected natural light into every corner, and as the brass panels and staircase room divider/balustrade started to take shape on site, it was plain to see how this architectural piece was going to complement our client’s large-scale art and modern interior scheme.

This was a challenging, and incredibly interesting project. We really did love the concept of developing a bookcase balustrade. It perfectly acts as a ‘railing’ to the upper level of the basement room, but one that is highly functional as a room divider with storage. The overall result was attention-grabbing – a real statement piece – with the panels and shadow gaps on the stairway creating depth and interest to the surface of the hand-patinated, antiqued brass.

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Split-Level Room Divider

Are you looking to make the most of your split-level space? Have you considered a bookcase balustrade to provide an attention-grabbing room divider with versatile storage options? Our experienced team will listen to your ideas and will help you find just the right solution.

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