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Designed and beautifully handmade by our craftsmen in England

When we think of the word bronze, we often conjure images of beautiful art works of behemoth proportions, vast Henry Moore, or Barbara Hepworth sculptures. However, in our world of bespoke furniture and storage design, bronze and bronze colour and finish, has many other applications and meanings.

Take these bespoke cabinet doors for example. Working with Halstock – designers and manufacturers of luxury bespoke interiors – we were presented with a brief to create a set of bronze finish cupboard doors. They were created using latticed mesh grilles, and were housed within a mitred brass frame. The result was a set of very elegant doors, all of which were hand-patinated to the chosen bronze finish.

Despite the industrial nature of these cabinet doors – the modern, clean, crisp edges of the frame, along with the handles and hinges that were designed and created in-house – there is a distinctly delicate feel to them. The stunning lattice grille is akin to a woven textile panel , refined, yet robust, softening the frame, but still retaining that strong architectural look, specified by our clients.

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Made to Measure Cupboard Doors

Our team of designers, engineers and craftspeople will work with you to design the cabinet doors to your needs and preferences. Aspects such as size, colour, material, and finish, as well as fittings (cabinet hinges and handles) can all be specified to suit. For more information, contact our team.

Tailor-Made Cabinet Doors

If you’re looking for something totally bespoke, a complete ‘one-off’ please get in touch.

Bespoke Metal Cupboard Doors with Wire Mesh Panels

Specialising in bespoke metalwork for a variety of installations and uses, our team can work with you to create exactly what your interiors are crying out for!

Cupboard Handles & Hinges for Cabinet Doors

We can custom make a range of door fittings and door hardware to suit your requirements, from door pulls, to cupboard handles and hinges. Please contact us for more information.

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