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Private residence undergoing renovation, London

This project was brought to us by a Chicago-based interior design firm that provides residential and commercial, interior and exterior design services across the US and the UK. Elstad Interiors transforms spaces into luxurious dream homes and offices through innovative and inspiring design.

As with every project, we listened to our client’s ideas, carefully noting all the details before embarking on producing designs to help her to explore her concepts in further detail, with the help of 3D visuals.

The brief was very precise, with an extremely specific visual to reimagine: a set of wall-mounted nickel-plated brass and glass shelves with both a polished and a satin finish and custom-designed finials that were required to exude a jewel-like quality.

Renovating a period property in Wimbledon – something Sally later referred to as a ‘labour of love’ – was quite an undertaking but was a project that was approached with care and a high attention to detail. The property underwent a complete transformation that included extensive carpentry work.

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As the project progressed, and as the many component parts began to come together, Sally reconnected with us, ready and keen to engage Andrew Nebbett Designs to explore her vision of creating bespoke wall-mounted shelving for her subtly concealed bar area.

Requiring in-depth communication to ensure our designs and visual iterations were as Sally had requested, attention to detail and accuracy were, as always, the name of the game. We had to constantly check and recheck measurements, liaising with her cabinet-maker and other suppliers, who would be installing the shelving to the hand-patinated antique mirror that formed the backdrop to this exquisite bar area.

The reveal on this project was rather dramatic, and akin to unwrapping a gift. By opening the set of stylish, yet unassuming wooden double doors, the glittering prize inside that awaited the unsuspecting, was an absolute delight: a simply stunning arrangement of metal and glass, perfectly complemented by Sally’s collection of bottles and cut-glass.

It was a pleasure working with Sally to help bring her ideas to life – and also a great deal of fun! These elegant shelves have a real play of light; they are incredibly enticing to the eye as the light bounces effortlessly across the surface of the glass and nickel-plate. And as you scan the space, taking in the interior as a whole, this bijoux and bejewelled bar area is perfectly in keeping with the room’s sparkling glass pendant light suspended above the nearby dining table, and other small features that harmoniously bring the design concept together.

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