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Designed and beautifully handmade by our craftsmen in England

When we were approached by a high end firm of cabinet makers, a company with whom we have worked on many projects over the years, we were rather excited by the brief. Though very specific – to create a pair of metal terrace doors that needed to have a delicate and jewel-like quality – we relished the opportunity to once again showcase our design and fabrication skills.

The main challenge for our team was to consider the construction of the doors, where our usual meticulous attention to detail would be crucial. As with any bespoke project, communication is key to its success. This project was no different and multiple discussions took place to ensure all the dimensional information was understood along with the how the doors would interact with the surrounding interior and exterior schemes.

Using a combination of blackened steel and polished brass, the terrace doors were put into production. This process might sound simple, however the nature of this project meant the actual construction had to be sequenced to ensure each piece of the ‘puzzle’ was correctly fitted as per the designs. Not only was this to ensure a perfect finish, but it was vital to the integrity of the doors: the strength of the frame and the seemingly effortless fitting of the beautiful handle. The handle itself was designed in-house, and made very carefully, to create the most tactile finishing touch to these bespoke doors.

Our team of skilled craftspeople used various techniques – both hand and machine – to construct this stunning set of doors. The doors were enclosed in a set of steel frames, with the blackened steel cross bars carefully housed within the brass spheres, that suspend at the intersections across the doors. Each sphere was meticulously formed and perfectly polished, giving that jewel-like, delicate appearance.

We do love these unique and challenging projects and this one was a particular triumph. Not only were our clients delighted, the company who installed these terrace doors were also incredibly complimentary about their quality and construction – something the team very much appreciated!


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