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Designed and beautifully handmade by our craftsmen in England

Fashion Retailer, London

Andrew Nebbett Designs was approached by a luxury retail brand, with a dilemma. Knowing our reputation for bespoke metalwork, and having been let down by a third party company, the client asked us to assess and offer advice about cladding a pre-made bar/drinks serving unit.

The clients were intending to use the open-backed cabinet at events, from which to serve drinks, and had originally commissioned it to be clad in polished copper. With the third party unable to fulfil the design brief, we set about solving the problem of meticulously cladding this pre-made unit in copper, that was then to be polished to a mirror-like finish.

There is a great deal of skill and expertise required in such a project, particularly with the copper being shaped, formed and finished correctly over the substrate unit. Such work requires time in order to complete it properly and precisely – something we are proud to say our team of craftsmen are highly adept at doing!
The result was truly beautiful – a work of art in its own right and the clients were over the moon when it was delivered to their London premises.

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Made in Britain

All our products and projects start life in our Devon workshop, where our skilled and experienced team work with a whole range of materials. With an in-depth knowledge of modern and traditional techniques used in cabinet-making and many other areas, our team can produce new, bespoke pieces which can be prepared to a wide range of finishes, from brand-new, sleek and modern to antique finishes. Contact us today to discuss your ideas.

Custom-Made Drinks Serving Unit

Whether you want a bespoke cabinet built from scratch, or want an existing unit clad in metal, our team can work with you to design the best framework and finish for your interior scheme.

Bespoke Metal Drinks Serving Stand

Incorporating ‘hidden from view’ shelves, the polished copper surface of this bespoke drinks display unit is just one of the metal finishes that our skilled craftsmen can achieve. The mirror-like quality really conjures an atmosphere that invites and intrigues in equal measure. Speak with our team about the different finishes we can achieve.

Bespoke Metal Cladding

We work with a range of metals and can apply a variety of finishes to three-dimensional and sheet surfaces. All of our patinated surfaces are created by hand, therefore no two will ever be identical as variations naturally occur through the patination processes. Please contact us to discuss the various materials and applications we offer.

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