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Private Home – Cotswolds

A client contacted us with a request to create an extending dining table for her newly renovated Cotswolds home. The style of table which had caught her eye was another of our bespoke dining tables, previously created for a pop-up boutique in Central London – a zinc top rounded edge dining table, with two-tier glass shelving above. The difference between these projects being that this client wished to incorporate the ability to extend the dining space when needed, but did not want to have the table ends either folded down or needing to be stored separately as ‘leaves’ which were removable. The solution required all together more lateral thinking to find a solution which not only worked harmoniously with the design of the main table, but also worked beautifully when being used as a shorter, stand-alone table when not entertaining.


The Andrew Nebbett Designs’ team love to work through challenges such as this! We explored a multitude of possible suggestions, but by far the most flexible, in-keeping and elegant was the solution which the client chose – a large, main dining table with two matching console tables, which when in- use would bolt to the ends of the central dining table. When the consoles were not needed, they were designed to sit flush with a wall as two separate occasional tables. The console tables were made to measure, to enable seating on either-side and the end if necessary.

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