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Designed and beautifully handmade by our craftsmen in England

Our client in the US came to us looking for a bespoke library ladder and rail system for a home remodelling project in Beverly Hills. Armed with plans for the ladder, our team set to work creating 3D visual renders – our usual approach at the start of a project and one that helps immensely to bridge the gap between discussions and sketches, and the real thing!

Intended for a kitchen – an area of the home that is becoming more and more popular for our ladders – the brief was straightforward: to create a classic brass and steel rolling library ladder and rail system.

Positioned to access the elevated storage above a set of sliding doors, the beautiful rolling library ladder system glides effortlessly along the fixed rail, spanning the breadth of the bookcases that frame the doors to concealed kitchen beyond. Looking perfectly at home in their surroundings, the lustrous polished brass ladder components work harmoniously with other metallic accents in the room and provide a contrast with the exquisite dark wooden finish of the surrounding cabinetry.

Hand finished in gun-barrel (blackened) steel and polished brass, with our standard rolling castor feet and brass ladder carriages, the overall look of this redesigned space is a timeless elegance that offers something a little out of the ordinary.

Our client was absolutely delighted with the outcome and sent us these fabulous images!

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Kitchen Library Ladder

We have incorporated library ladders into an array of beautiful spaces, including grand living rooms, narrow hallways, studies, libraries and even dressing rooms, as well as a range of retail environments.

Brass and Steel Library Ladder

Our library ladders can be constructed from a range of materials including timber, brass, steel, and aluminium. As well as a range of materials, we can achieve a number of different finishes to match with your interior scheme. Get in touch with our team to discuss your ideas.

Rolling Library Ladder

We can create library ladders with various options: rolling, hook-on, a combination of the two, and we can even build our systems around corners!  Contact our team to discuss your ideas and explore the possibilities.

Traditional Library Ladders

Library ladders can be designed for rooms of all shapes and sizes and to match a wide variety of interior styles, from contemporary to the more traditional. Look through our bespoke projects page if you need a little inspiration, or, speak with our design team to discuss your requirements.

Bookcase with Library Ladder

Do you have a beautiful feature bookcase? Can’t quite reach those classic novels? Why not consider a hook-on or rolling library ladder? Work with our experienced design team to create your own bespoke library ladder.


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