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Designed and beautifully handmade by our craftsmen in England

Some projects can take a while to come to fruition and we are delighted to have completed this one for clients in the US.

The brief was very specific: to create a nickel-plated hook-on library ladder and continuous rail for a dressing room, to match the room’s existing stainless steel accents. Ordinarily, our corner section (for our rolling ladders) would be ideal for a project that required a rail system to span two or more adjacent walls of a room. For this project however, we suggested that the three rails be joined using bespoke-made curved corner pieces that would create a smaller radius to be used in conjunction with a hook-on ladder.

With this suggestion, came a dilemma … the ladder would need to be as lightweight as possible.

As a result, we entered into a great deal of discussion with our clients to explore their options, and it was during one of these design meetings that we agreed on an aluminium solution, with all component parts being nickel-plated and polished to the desired finish.

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The design of the ladder features split verticals and elegant decorative rings to cover the joint lines for a seamless finish.

Contemporary and elegant in equal measure, this ladder and rail system is the perfect addition to this gentleman’s dressing room, perfectly in-keeping with their interior scheme.


Aluminium Library Ladder

Our library ladders can be constructed from a range of materials including timber, brass, steel, and aluminium. As well as a range of materials, we can achieve a number of different finishes to match with your interior scheme. Get in touch with our team to discuss your ideas.

Contemporary Hook-On Library Ladder

Where it is necessary to move the library ladder from one rail to another, it can be secured by a hook-system. This style of hook-on library ladder is very versatile and can be made to suit a variety of interior styles, from the contemporary through to the more traditional.

Dressing Room Library Ladders

We have incorporated library ladders into an array of beautiful spaces, including grand living rooms, narrow hallways, studies, libraries and increasingly in dressing rooms, as well as a range of retail environments.


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