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Designed and beautifully handmade by our craftsmen in England

As well as producing bespoke library ladders in full, with all moving parts, we are often asked to create custom components for our clients’ existing ladders.

AND were approached by a luxury wine cellar company specialising in creating bespoke wine cellars as well as kitchen installations and home cabinetry.

The brief was to produce a bespoke set of ladder hardware for a ladder that needed to be used in a vertical position. Whilst we usually recommend a ladder angle using the 4-in-1 principle for overall comfort and safety, there are always occasions where something different is required, that in turn requires a different solution.

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Working with our clients, we designed a floor track and adapted the design of our rolling ladder feet to enable our client’s ladder to glide effortlessly alongside the cabinetry, maintaining its vertical position. When is use, the floor track would prevent the ladder from moving inwards beyond the vertical and thus into an unsafe angle. We also created a set of custom rails, carriages and fittings, all hand patinated in a lightly brushed brass finish.

The final result, following installation, is a safe and solid ladder system that sits perfectly within its sophisticated surroundings.


Wine Cellar Storage

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