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Having worked on retractable, rolling library ladder projects for interior design studio Covet Noir in the recent past, we were delighted to hear from them again, this time, looking for another ladder and rails in a similar finish.

However … things are never that simple! This ladder was intended for a dressing room, that, on receiving the dimensional details, meant the amount of space available to allow the ladder to be lifted up and pushed back so it could be stored vertically, parallel with the cabinetry, were going to prove a challenge.

Our usual retractable mechanism allows the library ladder to be stored in an upright position, parallel to the wall/cabinet when not in use, and is a popular, and great space-saving solution. This option does however require enough height above the top of the ladder and the ceiling to enable it to be pushed upwards and backwards into its storage position. With an allowance of just 10mm, our standard system was not going to be an option.

With such a small gap between the top of the ladder and the ceiling, we knew we were facing the prospect of a totally different system … The question was how to create a retractable ladder solution without extending beyond the top of the ladder? This created much discussion, but soon we were exploring telescopic mechanism ideas that would enable the ladder to lengthen and shorten as required, using internal sliding tubular components, just like that of a telescope.

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It’s always an exciting prospect when designing a different type of solution and we are particularly pleased with this one. Working through various options and discussion points, our team devised a suitable mechanism for the project. The top of the ladder was fitted with an innovative telescopic system, leaving the carriages to be fixed to the rail without encroaching on the space (or lack of) above! In one fluid movement the ladder can be pulled out and down, with the telescopic mechanism sliding effortlessly into place. And to store in its upright position, the movement is reversed; the ladder is pushed gently upwards and inwards until vertical.

We’re now delighted to be able to offer this as an option for bespoke projects where our mainstream retractable system isn’t possible.

As with many of our projects, there was a great deal of collaboration with a number of involved parties; the cabinet-makers who were creating the shelving unit needed to make this to fit the ladder, so we were in constant communication to ensure everything was going to plan.
The result is an elegant library ladder with a telescopic retractable mechanism, constructed from steel, with the rungs, carriages and rolling castor feet made from solid brass. The desired solution was a patinated gun-barrel (blackened) steel finish to the steel components, and a patinated dark bronze to the brass. The overall look is a cool, contemporary black, that provides a stunning contrast in this redesigned dressing room.


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