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Private London Residence

Our client contacted us looking for a bespoke library ladder solution for her bookcase. With an existing, and rather wobbly ladder and rail system that needed replacing, she was keen to discuss her requirements further, explaining the new system would need to accommodate her 2.7m high storage.


We conducted a site visit to gauge a better understanding of the current library ladder and rails, and this gave us an opportunity to take measurements and to discuss fixings and address any concerns the client had. The existing ladder was indeed rather unstable, and the replacement would need to be not only substantial, but retractable, with time needed to design bespoke fittings for the narrow framework. We would also need to ensure that the client’s wine storage, housed above the bookcase and the rails, could still open outwards, clearing the rail system beneath.

Our 3D renders enabled the client to begin the visualisation journey, helping her to picture not only how the ladder and rail would look, but also how it would be fitted and how it would function.

A second site visit was conducted to ensure the existing bookcase was robust enough to be fitted with our new library ladder and rail system. It also allowed for additional measurements to be taken as required.

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To fit in with the client’s interior, a matching finish was applied to samples of the timber used and with some further samples sent, we settled on a finish the client was happy with. Fitted with a retractable mechanism, the library ladder could be stored upright against the bookcase when not in use, opening up the available floorspace.
This was a very involved project and we had agreed to install the ladder system ourselves. Addressing a safety concern raised by our client, we fitted each rung with an anti-slip strip, close in colour and finish to the wood, should anyone wish to climb the ladder wearing socks and no footwear.

Once installed, our client was thrilled – the finish, function and look all fulfilling her brief.

Wooden Rolling Library Ladder

Our library ladders can be made with any design in mind, from traditional to contemporary. We have incorporated library ladders within an array of beautiful interiors: including grand living rooms, narrow hallways, studies and libraries, as well as retail and hospitality environments.

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