Custom Made Satin Nickel Finished Library Ladder - Andrew Nebbett Designs

Designed and beautifully handmade by our craftsmen in England

In late 2018, a world-renowned luxury furniture designer contacted us, and asked us to collaborate on a beautiful project they were working on. The aspect we were to design was our speciality; a bespoke hook-on library ladder and rail system.

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The initial idea for the ladder system was to include a rail on three sides of the room and for one ladder to be used on all rails. As with all library ladders we design and produce, the height of the rail, as well as the length of the ladder, needed to be entirely suited to the existing (or in some cases, proposed) setting to allow for appropriate installation.

The rail was to be continuous around the three walls of the room but due to the angles involved it would be impractical to create a ladder that would roll around each corner without compromising the usable space inside the room. Therefore, we designed a hook-on ladder solution to enable the ladder to be used on three sides of the room.


Classical Library Ladder Design with a Contemporary Finish

The ladder and rail was designed and built using our classic-style fittings but were finished in satin nickel, giving an exquisite modern twist without losing its traditional design… a truly beautiful result!

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