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Designed and beautifully handmade by our craftsmen in England

We were approached by a long-standing client looking for a bespoke shelving unit for their kitchen. The brief was simple: to create a contemporary unit to be suspended from the ceiling. The chosen materials complemented each other perfectly; dark timber shelves and nickel-plated brass tubes, rails and fittings.

Kitchen design has changed dramatically over the last decade, and we are seeing more and more beautiful images of open shelving, where people are inclined to display their goods rather than to close them behind cupboard doors. They can help to open up a space, creating the appearance of more light, breaking up lines and allowing quick and easy access to your goods and gadgets.

This AND custom-made hanging unit incorporates an open shelf system as well as a utensil rail and S hooks, offering great versatility.

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Bespoke Shelving

No matter the style you prefer – our team can create a unique solution for you, incorporating all the aspects you love. Whether it’s a touch of the vintage, contemporary, Art Deco or Industrial – we cater for all!

Ceiling Hanging Shelves

As the title suggests, you tell us exactly how much space you want to use, meaning the shelving system works perfectly with your room. Ceiling-mounted options can work well when space is limited. Contact our team to discuss your ideas.

Made-to-Measure Shelving Units

Are you struggling to find a pre-made unit that works? Why not consider a made-to-measure option? We love to work with our clients to create the exact solution that’s perfect for their needs!

 Open Kitchen Shelves

Instead of cabinet doors, why not consider open shelves to display your wares, adding a sense of light and space to your kitchen? Our team is on hand to chat through your requirements.

Polished Nickel Shelves (similar to shiny stainless steel shelves)

Are you looking for something of a silver hue to match to your existing interiors? Why not consider polished nickel-plate? Similar to shiny stainless steel, it has a softer look and complements a range of other materials such as glass and timber.

Collaborative Design

By choosing a Bespoke Solution from Andrew Nebbett Designs, you will work with our designers who will understand exactly what you are trying to achieve. From here, we put our wealth of experience and know-how into developing ideas and solutions for you. The process is a collaborative journey – from idea, interpretation and understanding, with a good dose of conversation in the mix, we arrive at our destination with a solution you will be proud of.



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