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Whilst most were pleased to ‘see the back’ of 2020, we couldn’t help but be a little bit excited and proud of some of the projects we were able to achieve during the year. One of the very last installations of 2020 was the final element of a range of items commissioned for a private home in Hampshire. This project saw the production and installation of a number of copper-clad worktops, all hand prepared with an antique patinated finish to match along with a custom-designed and made, hand patinated copper, brass and glass wall-mounted shelving unit. 

Antique Copper Kitchen Countertop with Integrated Copper Sink & Drainer

Having been contacted by the client’s architectural and interior design team, we were initially asked to help with the creation of two copper worktops; an ‘L’ shape section following the shape of the walls and windows, incorporating an under-mount sink and draining grooves and a very large worktop for the kitchen island unit, which incorporated both over-mount hob and recessed extractor fan unit along with a cantilevered portion for a dining table on its north end. 

Patinated Copper Island Worktop With Cantilever Table End

Our design team worked with the client’s interior designers to define the shapes and dimensions, edge profile, level of patination to the surface and edges and in addition, we worked closely to ensure the location of the surface joints would work beautifully with the other geometrical aspects within the space, including a seamless join line where two sections butted to each other, appearing as one piece (it was important to ensure the joints didn’t compete with other elements thus bringing any ‘clashing lines’ into the space).

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Aged Copper & Bronze Modern Industrial Glass Wall Mounted Shelving Unit

Upon completion and installation of the kitchen worktops, the client liked what he saw and two further commissions were placed, for the production of a matching worktop for the separate bar area and also a bespoke designed and made wall-shelving unit to match the overall colour and material scheme of the room.

This project brought about a great working relationship between the teams involved, on our side and that of the client. We thoroughly enjoy this process and beautiful pieces have been the result.

If you have a similar project or idea that you would like to talk through, please pick up the phone and chat with us. We love to hear of new ideas and dreams and are here to help. Click here to view a selection of other shelving projects we have worked on.

Antique Copper Clad Worktops Made-To-Measure

Our team have all the skills necessary to ensure your worktops fit precisely. We can work with your contractors or kitchen fitters to obtain the necessary information or we can offer a templating and installation service. Please talk with our team to find out more. 

Beautiful Aged Copper Work Surfaces and Countertops

There is nothing quite like copper and the beautiful warm hues it can bring to a room. Copper is a soft material, but when taken care of in the correct way, can bring a lifetime of character to your kitchen.

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