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The 1940s saw the introduction of a number of iconic designs and household items which have remained popular through the decades to this day. One such item, which almost certainly graces the vast majority of homes throughout the world today, is the humble refrigerator. Of course, today’s designs are quite different from the early models, and the use of refrigerators really took off after the war in the 40s (despite having been officially ‘invented’ in the late 1800s).

You would be forgiven for wondering why we are talking about the history of fridges..! Well… it was a particular 1940s Frigidaire Refrigerator which formed the basis of the brief for one of our very latest commissions! We accepted the challenge to create a pantry door in the style of the retro refrigerator which had been in the home of a relative during the home-owner’s childhood. The fond memories and iconic form of the fridge were the inspiration for this piece, not to mention the owner’s penchant for subtle playfulness!

Custom Made Zinc Wrapped Door With Aged Finish

The pantry door was constructed to incorporate the distinctive curved form of the original 1940s fridge door, with rounded corners and a softly bulbous front. It was decided that the door would be fully wrapped in zinc, with hand-pinned division lines and prepared with a gently aged and patinated finish, adding that all-important character and personality to the retro style door. 

We sourced the vintage hardware to bring even more authenticity to the piece. The eye catching and iconic hinges and door handle were big and heavy, synonymous with some of the 40’s designs and brought a great balance to the overall door (not to mention, the door handle is great fun to use!). 

Retro Style Fridge Door Made To Measure With Vintage Handle & Hinges

The doorway itself had to be adapted to accommodate the new shaped door, with its curved top corners. The installation of the finished door brought smiles to everyone involved – what a super illusion and such a great party piece – what better than to confuse your friends in search of another bottle! 
If you have a desire to create an illusion with a custom made piece of furniture, please get in touch – we would really love to hear about it! We are able to make this type of pantry / larder door to any bespoke size and can source further vintage hardware to give the piece authenticity – please do get in touch if you would like to talk to us about your particular pantry scheme.
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Bespoke Zinc Clad Door With Vintage Hardware In The Style Of A Retro Fridge

We can source original, period hardware or we can fabricate new items to fit the design style. Maybe its the shape, maybe its the overall look or maybe its a specific aspect of a certain item that you love such as the door latch and how it moves – we love to learn about where our clients take inspiration from!

Bespoke Made Interior Doors In The Style Of Retro & Vintage Fridges

Maybe its the 1940s Frigidaire which inspires you, or perhaps a different model – we can tailor the design to incorporate the important aesthetic choices to replicate the style that you love.

Made To Measure Interior Doors Designed & Made To The Style Of Your Choice

We make all sorts of pieces of furniture, from doors, to tables, shelves and much more, so if you have an idea to incorporate a particular style of design into a new item for your home, please call us to see how we can help.


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