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Designed and beautifully handmade by our craftsmen in England

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Bespoke Cabinets & Shelving

Our portfolio of bespoke projects is vast and varied, from designs constructed in wood through to brass and glass, with many in between. For a flavour of our work and craftsmanship, please take a look at the articles below. If you have any questions or would like to talk through an idea or project, please contact us.

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Bespoke Bathroom Cabinets

You dream it, we design it, and then… we make it – beautifully!  As our motto goes – this is how we work!

Bespoke Bedside Cabinets

Perhaps finding the perfect pair, or even individual cabinets just isn’t quite working? We create pieces of furniture to your specification – meaning you can have exactly what you want!

Bespoke Drinks Cabinet

Often a drinks cabinet is a piece of furniture which is central to your entertaining space – meaning it’s on display! Make a statement with a drinks cabinet that truly reflects your personality and character… does a 1920s design best suit your elegant and fun tastes? Or perhaps a bold, sleek and refined modern design best describes you?

Bespoke Display Cabinets

Commercial boutique, public museum display or even beautiful cabinets to display your own private collections within your home – we cater for all!

Bespoke Shelving Units

Yes… we do! The shelving units and solutions we produce are all bespoke and made-to-measure. You define the style, materials, dimensions, construction etc…

Vintage Shelving Unit

No matter the style you prefer – our team can create a unique solution for you, incorporating all the aspects you love. Whether it’s a touch of the vintage, contemporary, Art Deco or Industrial – we cater for all!

Made To Measure Shelving Units

As the title suggests, you tell us exactly how much space you want to use, meaning the shelving system works perfectly with your room/area.

Custom Shelving Units

Maybe you have a wonderfully wild idea or perhaps its simply that you cannot find a pre-made unit that works perfectly… don’t worry – this is music to our ears, as we love to work with our clients to create the exact solution you will love.

Designer Shelving Units

By choosing a Bespoke Solution from Andrew Nebbett Designs, you will work with our Designers who will understand exactly what you are trying to achieve. From here, we put our wealth of experience and know-how into developing ideas  and solutions for you. The process is a journey – from idea, interpretation, understanding and with a good dose of conversation in the mix, we arrive at our destination with a solution you will be proud of!