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We were recently contacted by a bedroom furniture designer who was looking for a bespoke bedroom ladder solution for his client.

The library ladder needed to address a number of factors, from perfectly matching the clients’ existing interior, to having a mechanism that would adjust the height of the ladder according to use – tall enough to reach the storage shelves above the client’s wardrobes, and short enough to be stowed away in a cupboard when not in use.

Here at Andrew Nebbett Designs, we love a challenge and really did enjoy working on this project with the end client.

Conversations ensued and once we had the dimensional information we required, we produced an initial set of 3D visuals for them to review. Realising just how beautiful this library ladder and rail system was going to be, our client added a further criteria – a hanging rail so that the ladder could also be stored ‘on display’ parallel against one of the walls in their bedroom.

The added complication with this new design element was the beam immediately above the position of the rail, as well as the adjacent pitched roof. This required our design team to develop a number of options to solve the issue of the space surrounding the rail that could potentially hinder the action of lifting and hooking the ladder onto it. Working with our craftsmen, we designed a storage rail with an open end that would enable the client to lift and slide the ladder onto the rail, with the other end shaped to fit the space and angle next to the pitched roof.

Having looked through our design proposals, we were delighted when the client chose to go ahead and commission the project. At this stage we created visuals and commenced discussions about the desired finishes. The client kindly sent us a sample of the beautiful European oak floor that the ladder would need to match, and we sent samples of the brass to be used in the production of the rails, hooks and fittings, to illustrate the aged finish they wanted to achieve.

Extending Library Ladder Hooks/Collapsing Ladder Hook Mechanisms

In order to create the varying height options, the sliding hooks were designed to allow the ladder to extend to the maximum height and retract to the shortest for stowing in the cupboard, so the length of the beautiful European oak timber we used had to be cut at the shortest length required, with the antique brass hooks taking up the gap. This combination of European oak and aged brass rails and fixings fit seamlessly into our client’s overall interior scheme.

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We always spend a lot of time considering how our clients are going to use and interact with their product. Our client had been concerned with the brass mechanism and wondered whether it might benefit from an additional component – a handle or knob – for when the ladder was to be lifted onto the rail from its collapsed position (in a lifting up and over motion). He felt a small knob attached to the brass fitting at the back of the ladder might ease this action.

Carefully listening to their suggestion, we took the collaborative decision to assess the function of this mechanism once the ladder and rails were in situ, demonstrating how we work alongside our clients to reach a solution, being prepared to add necessary components if required. The client was very happy with his bespoke ladder solution:

“The ladder, rails, simple fitting tools and cleaning instructions all arrived on the agreed date. The bespoke ladder was beautifully crafted in oak matching our floor, and sturdy brass extending pieces. The rails in aged brass patina looked 50 years old just as we had asked.”

No two projects are ever alike; specification, dimensions, mechanisms, finish and space all being chief factors for consideration. With this project, precision was key and our client had even allowed extra millimetres, not expecting us to be so exacting with our measurements. It’s always a great result when we exceed a client’s expectations!

Commenting he said:

“In all the whole assembly installed millimetre perfect without adjustments onto the wardrobes and high level shelving. The sliding ladder extension hooks work well and allows the ladder to be stored in pride of place in the overall bedroom design. We could not be more pleased with the design service and end product.”

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