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Designed and beautifully handmade by our craftsmen in England

Through a shared passion for beautiful hand-made pieces, an International interiors company based in London engaged Andrew Nebbett Designs to design and produce a luxurious and bespoke, soft brass, mirror and glass display cabinet. To become a focal point for one of their client’s exclusive new kitchens.

Our creative designers worked closely with their team to present a collection of designs to the client using our 3D Visualisation service. Through our realistic visuals we have demonstrated how delicate the light brass framework would look for this bold piece. How the use of light and a combination of materials: Brass, glass and mirror, would make this piece glisten with radiance, making the new interior truly come to life!

This bold bodied wine glass cabinet stands nearly 1.5 metres proud. Made from a combination of materials, incorporating strong toughened clear glass panels, sprung into the framework on both side sections and within the door frame. Beautifully contrasting with a bright clear mirror to the top, rear and base sections. Making this piece reflect from every angle, like a prism.

The intricate framework required the highest attention to detail and construction techniques used by our dedicated craftsman. Any flaws would simply be reflected!

Installed within the body of the tall glass display cabinet are three adjustable clear glass shelves. Each shelf is held in place with matching soft brass tonk-strip and clip system, embedded within the corners of the frame. The accompanying clip and domed rubber stopper hold the shelves in place effortlessly. Each shelf is delicately chamfered at the corners for perfect alignment with the angled framework, leaving a discreet shadow gap for the shelves to simply be adjusted or removed, to meet the client’s needs. This fine detailing is a true example of Andrew Nebbett Designs’ exceptional craftsmanship.

The grand single soft brass door sits flush within the cabinet’s body, with a minimal channel (air gap) between the frame and the door, this makes the appearance almost seamless. Four sturdy glass cabinet door hinges have been discreetly incorporated into the framework. They are not visible internally but still allow the door to open 180 degrees, effortlessly.

The strong mitred detailing to the four front corners, extending over both the frame and door, gives boldness to the design. Finally, the pièce de résistance is an iconic solid brass designer door latch, this matches the surrounding kitchen cabinetry, adding pure elegance to the overall design.

This unique piece is delicately hand finished in a soft satin, both internally and externally. The very fine brush strokes are noticeable when up close. The warm lustrous hues of this piece are simply stunning and give a sense of pure luxury making this beautiful bespoke mirror and brass display cabinet with glass doors, simply fit for a palace!

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