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Designed and beautifully handmade by our craftsmen in England

Private Home, Central London

We all know what makes a perfect cup of tea… but to make a perfect ‘tea cabinet’ is something of a different recipe! Luckily our team are quite the master brewers, which came in handy when we were contacted by a well-known and highly acclaimed firm of Interior Designers, to create the perfect piece for a private property in central London.


The client’s request was for a beautifully constructed, solid brass and glass wall-mounted cabinet, which was to be patinated to an antique brass finish, so it appeared to have been there for decades!

Every detail was discussed, from the type of glass to be used for both the shelving and the door/side panels to the style of hinges and door-pulls (handles).

The result is this entirely bespoke, hand-made and hand finished antique patinated, brass wall mounted cabinet, complete with fluted glass panels and glass shelves …time for tea?! Who’s putting the kettle on?

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