A Bespoke Gun Room (Fit For A Spy) - Andrew Nebbett Designs

Designed and beautifully handmade by our craftsmen in England

Crisp, sleek, cold, industrial, smart, elegant, clean, intriguing, stylish, mysterious, meticulous, engineered… and many more adjectives come to mind when thinking about this particular project.

We were commissioned by a prominent design house from Southern England to create a completely tailor-made gun-cabinet and accompanying pieces for a private individual within the Home Counties.

Our mission (which, yes, we chose to accept) was to hand-make everything in The most accurate fashion, rendering an overall aesthetic of engineered simplicity, which by-the-way, is the most challenging to create! No pressure!

From the initial concept drawings, created with the client, our team began the slow and considered journey of translating the ideas and aspirations into real constructional designs which were going to be possible to produce. Everything from the hinges, screws, and somewhat mundane findings to the exact edge profiles, corner joints and overall body of the pieces were meticulously worked through to ensure the highest level could be achieved in all respects. The movement of the doors on the hinges, the interaction of the framework with the rest of the room, the delicate yet industrial-style patina are all examples of considerations made. No ‘screw’ was left un-turned!

The completed solution made this stunning gun-room fit for a King (or perhaps I mean a spy – ‘007’ wouldn’t be out-of-place in this big-boy’s-toy room)!

Our team of expert craftsmen created a full suite of gun-cabinets, floor, wall and ceiling inlay (including fully tailor-made fixings to ensure the inlay was secured to the ceiling), matching shelving units, air-vent grilles and various items which were patinated to match the overall finish.

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We would like to tell you how thrilled the client was, but you know how it goes with secret information!

If you have a similar dream (and aren’t in the Secret Service, where certain knowledge is lethal) please pick up the phone and give us a call – we love a challenge and love to work on extraordinary projects, with like-minded people.