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The spaces we choose to call our own, our homes, our sanctuaries, are sometimes only as we wish them to be in our dreams. Translating the dream into reality can be a challenge and as painstaking and as delightful as it is delicate. Jane Lawson, a longstanding client, has kindly taken some time to explain how Andrew Nebbett Designs has empowered the expression of her own ideas, in the production of some significant pieces which have become the fabric of her homes.

A Design Partnership

Jane and her husband Richard, first became aware of AND more than 10 years ago, when they were perusing the antique and design shops along Church Street, London, when they came across Andrew Nebbett Antiques, (the shop which we held for nearly 20 years, then specialising purely in antiques).

Jane and Richard were hunting for a clock as a statement piece for their newly refurbished Devon home, and after quite some time (pardon the pun!) concluded that Andrew Nebbett’s selection was the best on Church Street and thus proceeded with their dream.  The clock; a very handsome ATO station clock, fully refurbished, took up its new life in the kitchen of their beautifully industrial-styled barn, and marks the beginning of what has become a real design partnership journey.

Jane and Richard’s love of industrial elegance, combined with a desire to seek out the less ordinary, finishing touches to their homes, is the very nature of Andrew Nebbett Designs, from the sourcing of an antique piece, to the production of a brand new item, made by hand by our team of craftsmen.


Beautiful End Results

From the ATO clock came new projects, each beginning with Jane and Richard’s dream, which has been described, debated, thrown around, thrown out, thrown back and finally become real. Jane explains that “… the whole process is about ending up with the best version possible of ‘the dream’. Andrew ensures that the practicalities are thrown into the mix, along with the possible pit-falls (all of which must be taken into account). Andrew’s attention to detail is extremely far reaching, and his ability to warn of the negatives and enable the positives, always gets us to  beautiful end results.“

Projects such as the sourcing of a pair of Savoy lights, a beautifully proportioned, delicate yet solid dining table for their London home, newly made from marble and stainless steel, a set of antique cog moulds as a wall installation (with added mirrors) for the entrance halls in both homes, another ATO clock (this time bigger, bolder and equally beautiful) have all been met with the same open mindedness, flexibility and approachability from Andrew.

Jane and Richard feel that their experiences with Andrew and the team, have allowed them to really make the decisions and in doing so, have been able to really express their personalities in the places they choose to spend their time.

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