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Butteries, wine cellars, wine rooms or even wine closets are all terms associated with the storage of wine throughout history. Dating back over 3000 years, it would be a fair conclusion that we humans are partial to a glass or two (medicinal or otherwise)! It would also be fair to say that the team at AND share in this partiality and possess a rather full-bodied interest in the subject!

It was with open arms therefore that we accepted a request from the highly respected firm of interior designers, Finchatton, based in London, to produce a bespoke table to be used within one such wine room of significant proportions.

We were approached by the end-client’s Interior Designer, Laura, who we were grateful to say, was working well in advance of the desired end-date (which is never a bad thing) to achieve a design of table that would be a real statement-piece for the room, but would also provide flexibility in how it could be used. The desire was also for the table to be used whilst standing or perched on stools, therefore a slightly taller table was required.

Discussions centred around the style of the table, which firmly hinged on a previous table commission our team created for a London based showroom. The table incorporated an antique patinated copper top, with a range of warm hues and features oozing character and personality. In addition, an elegant detail strip completed the table edge, with quatrefoil detailing on the corners and joints, all prepared in a polished nickel plated finish. The table base incorporated simple, elegant and crisp bright steel legs and bracing which were given a patinated and gently aged finish. 

The difference between the past table commission on which Laura’s project was being based and this project was the simple fact that this table needed to be two things – twice as long when put together, but also possible to part and use as two separate tables! Oh… and one other thing – the destination of the tables when finished, ready for installation, would be a second floor basement in central London where access was limited! Challenge accepted… ! 

In the end, the client opted for one long table, which consisted of two tables, but connected together to appear as one due to the way the room was expected to be used (it was subsequently deemed better suited to a single table). 

I think we can all agree, the wine room is a very desirable addition to a beautiful home and the table looks every part the statement piece it was hoped to be. (We can only imagine how much more enticing the room will be, complete with its liquid treasures!)

With thanks to Laura at Finchatton for providing such an enjoyable collaboration – “Cheers”!

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Handmade Presentation or Tasting Table

How you use a wine cellar or wine room will naturally vary depending on the size, atmosphere and location. A table on which to place, admire, reflect and ultimately taste such delights can but improve the whole experience.

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