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Designed and beautifully handmade by our craftsmen in England

Andrew Nebbett Designs were contacted by a high-end interiors showroom when one of their UK clients required the production of a custom-made, solid brass contemporary pot-rack. From this initial project the relationship evolved through the realisation that both companies share a common ethos – to create beautiful hand-made pieces, using traditional methods, to bring clients’ dreams to life. From this, shared discussions took place about various items, which A.N.D could create for their showroom.

One of the main pieces, which came high-up on the ‘desire list’ for the new showroom, was a hand-made luxury dining table. Both teams worked closely together to design a chic, bespoke dining table with a beautiful patinated copper table top.

The dining table design brief was to produce a sleek and sharp ‘catwalk’ style table; which would showcase many of our beautiful hand-crafted skills and tailored techniques, within one piece of furniture. Due to a specific deadline on the horizon, the A.N.D team worked quickly and efficiently to finalise the latest dining table designs. Using 3D Visualisation software and creating a selection of bespoke finishes for sign-off before production.

The copper table has been designed for multi-functional use within the showroom. One of the design decisions was to slightly raise the height, giving the characteristics of a high bar table. The raised height enables clients to stand, discuss their projects and requirements, collectively around the piece like a meeting table, while they ponder over drawings and review samples in an open, bright and beautiful space.

The industrial dining table’s framework has a unique design with strong contour lines. The concealed construction method used has no visible welding joints; giving a crisp, clean and self-supporting appearance. Finished in a deep gun barrel colour with a smooth lacquer, the defined edges have been worked through and distressed. This induces a natural worn feel in high contact areas, giving the appearance of years of love & wear to the industrial table legs.

The square edge copper table top has been designed with a deep profile, giving substance and boldness, complementing the strong contour lines of the frame. The table top is formed of three equal sized copper panels, shaped together by hand-swaged joints, forming its unique body. The delicate folding detail to the corners resemble a beautifully hand-wrapped present.

Bespoke Copper Table Top with Polished Nickel Detailing

A gentle hand-created patination technique has been applied to the copper, creating a light patina finish. The beautiful mild tones of shimmering bronze and coco hues, give a sense of depth to the tables texture when the light catches the surface. The copper is finished with a deep lacquer to add a high lustre look and feel, which differentiates this exquisite piece from the rest of the showroom.

Making this beautiful dining table truly unique, clover leaf crests with matching polished nickel plated brass straps, wrapping around the profile of the table top were incorporated into the exclusive dining table designs.

The precision cut clover leaves were formed around each square corner, with flat leaves placed centrally along the long bar table sides. The polished nickel-plated brass straps, attached with matching nickel-plated brass screws to the side sections, were tastefully engraved.

We thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity of designing this antique copper dining table. 

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