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Bronze (or phosphor bronze as variants are known) is a somewhat underrated cousin of the so very fashionable metal; brass. It offers similar working properties to that of its copper alloy family members, but significantly, it can provide some of the most beautiful pinky colours and tones when compared to brass itself.

Bronze (or Phosphor Bronze) is perhaps also challenged in popularity due to the some what misleading way we have come to interpret its name.  For many people the word ‘bronze’ denotes a colour much more akin to a brown colour, with many variations in shade and tone, which is really nothing like the natural colour of the raw material. (See the photos below to see the differences.)

With colour, tone, harmony and contrast being such important considerations for the interior design industry, it is surprising how solid bronze (or phosphor bronze) is so rarely incorporated in its natural colour. It wasn’t so long ago that ‘splashes’ of copper finishes took centre stage on interior design palettes, which as we know,  is often only possible through plated finishes, as copper itself is very soft and not best suited to pieces which require inherent strength and rigidity.  Bronze (or phosphor bronze) ticks both boxes as we can see in a commission which saw the production of a pair of rolling feet for a wooden library ladder. The client was matching ladder hardware to an interior design scheme for a famously known London department store and asked us to create a pair of solid bronze rolling ladder feet for the project. Unfortunately we do not have any images of the final installation as the wooden ladder was being made elsewhere, but as can be seen in the photos below, the finish of the polished finished bronze is really very dreamy and delicate with its coppery tones.

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Solid Bronze (or Phosphor Bronze) Ladder Hardware

Unlike solid brass, solid natural bronze or phosphor bronze is a coppery coloured metal suitable for a variety of applications.

Custom Machined Solid Bronze (or Phosphor Bronze)

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