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We are privileged to work with a great diversity of individuals; direct clients, interior designers and many in between and many of them have chosen to come back to us, time and time again over the years, for a variety of different reasons. On a number of occasions, they have called us because they have a design dilemma – and we do love dilemmas!

One particular commission came about through exactly this reason – a major refurbishment project was nearing the end, but some very important bathroom accessories and dressing room fittings were evading the interior designer!

The building, an impressive London home from the mid to late 1800’s, was being totally restored. The Victorian style was being so carefully applied to the entire house through the selection of largely antique pieces, that it would have been simply wrong to not follow the style through completely, to the most personal of spaces – that of the bathrooms and dressing room! But, sadly, as the Victorians did not experience some of the standard bathroom/dressing room fittings we expect today, there were many antique items which just didn’t exist, or modern equivalents which just didn’t go with the overall style. So… having worked with both the client and the interior designer on previous projects, we were invited to help!

The client’s love of antique and original period styles, particularly that of the Victorian era was meticulous, that we couldn’t help but be inspired by his passion! We helped to complete the 14 bathrooms and the owner’s private dressing room in the style he so loved. Each space was unique, and required a variety of completely bespoke items, all carefully designed, and custom made to match the room they were intended for. Fittings in both polished nickel-plated brass and polished brass finishes were commissioned; bathroom trolleys with toughened glass shelves, wall mounted glass shelves, toilet paper holders, bespoke ceramic wall-mounted toilet brush holders and towel rails for the bathrooms and bespoke polished brass dressing room rails together with a bespoke shoe rack made from toughened glass and polished brass were produced.

It was both a challenge and an honour to be part of such a remarkable restoration project and to receive such a great response from both the client and the interior designer made it all the more special. We look forward to the next!

The items featured in this project were all, entirely custom made through our Bespoke service. If you have a design dilemma, like this one or completely different, we’d love to hear from you! Alternatively, we offer similar pieces in standard sizes and finishes through our Ready-to-go range, available to buy online.

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